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Sing to your Soul - Awaken to Oneness

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Sing to your Soul - Awaken to Oneness, Jap-ji Explains the Spiritual Path by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. Jap-ji is a spiritual text that reaches out to us all to awaken to our oneness, regardless of spiritual path, class or creed. Meaning sing to your soul, Jap-ji was first recited after a spiritual awakening by Guru Nanak (1469-1539), initiator of the Sikh path. It´s recitation offers a formula achieving higher consciousness and awakens the mind to an experience of the Infinite. Simply listening to it´s universal message is beneficial. Sing to Your Soul poetically explaisthe essence of Guru Nanak´s discourse, and offers a meaningful understanding of spiritual principles that enlightened ones have tried to convey for millenia. Addressing major questions of seekers everywhere, it clarifies concepts still relevant to our life and times, and it fits them all together to show the exquisite beauty of Jap-ji´s elevated totality. Guru Rattana´s deep understanding assists seekers of all paths to effortlessly follow the basic steps of their spiritual journey, and to feel the true meaning of Guru Nanak´s message, planting the seed of love in our hearts, bringing light and clarity to our spiritual path, and setting out guidelines for our yogic practice. 175 pages



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