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Ras - CD av Snatam Kaur

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Ras translates as the "Sublime Essence of God´s Name" On Snatam Kaur´s new CD Ras, you can feel that sublime essence in every note.


1. So Mai Visar Na Jaa-ee
2. Tithai Too Samarath
3. Earth Prayer
4. Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa
5. Chattr Chakkr Vartee
6. Mere Raam

Santam´s voice is open and filled with such a deep and abiding heartcentered longing for the divine, it is palpable. Snatam Kaur´s voice is artfully blended with Manose´s Bamboo flute, Benji Wertheimer’s Esraj, Thomas Barquee’s Keyboards, Simone Selle’s Guitar and Sat Nam Singh Ramgotra’s Tabla. Together, they create a fine-woven flow of sounds which carry Snatam Kaur’s voice and make the listening to this CD an uplifting and deeply enjoyable experience.


Artnr: SPV1108
Lagerstatus: I lager


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