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Bound Lotus

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Maha Boundlotus is an instructional manual based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and written by Mahankirn Kaur. Bound Lotus, also known as Baddha Padmasana, or psychic union pose, has it´s roots in Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Hatha Yoga. Bound Lotus is a restorative posture that engages the entire body by binding it into the symbol of infinity.


Benefits of Bound Lotus include:
Enhanced physical flexibility - ankles, knees, legs and spine gain increased mobility.
Opens the shoulders and hips.
Improves digestion - internal organs are in fetal position of rest, allowing the rejuvenation of the digestive system.
Strengthens the nervous and immune systems.
Clears and opens the chakras.
Releases karmic obstacles, negative tendensies and emotions.
Develops the state of shuniya, the divine state of stillness; Anand, surpreme bliss; and Samadhi, awakened consciousness.

65  pages


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